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predictive dialer

Marcadores Predictivos Eagle: the Marcadores Predictivos powerful algorithm Hermes Eagle offers a perform management in order to optimize your outbound campaigns. Innovative, the Marcadores Predictivos increases up to 70% your productivity. The Marcadores Predictivos Hermes Eagle succeeds with less than 2% of retention calls to establish a communicaiton with an agent in less than 5 seconds ! Mono or multi-sites, the VoIP Marcadores Predictivos Software Hermes Eagle has a length beforehand... Homeshoring and Video Call are in your reach. The Marcadores Predictivos was thought to improve the working comfort in one objective: the Performance!

The Marcadores Predictivos Eagle has been adapted for new legislations and its performances have been more and more optimized.
The Next Marcadores Predictivos Technology.

Marcadores Predictivos

Key Features

Multi-sites VoIP Architectures & Full Media Blending

Native CTI with HMP, Dialogic, Avaya & Asterisk

CRM scripting tool integrating objections guide and online help

Perform Answering Machine Detection

Automatic leave messages on voice mails

Call Video VoIP with video playing during communication capability Contact Center vidéo

Broadcast mode to qualify file, piloted by the Marcadores Predictivos

Time Zone and Quotas Management/p>

Strategy of personnal callbacks and callbacks

Send SMS, email during call

Automatic After Call Message

Distant listening Call Recording

Supervision with real time alerts engine

Automatic Reports Evolved Generator

Homeshoring, Up2You Recruitment, training and human resources management distant solution.

Integrated Softphone G711,G723,G729 Codec's and secured agent's application connexionSSL.

Compatible with Windows, Linux & Mac

Multi Level Users Rights Management


Ipbx, Auto and Marcadores Predictivos, Full media blending

To guarantee the efficiency and the performance of your campaigns, Vocalcom integrated into its Marcadores Predictivos Eagle all the Media, SMS, email, Video Call as well as a script and rules generator so ergonomic as powerful.


Software suites Hermes Net, Hermes Fox and Hermes Eagle integrate lot of Web Services, Connectors and native plugins.

Microsoft CRM | SAP | Siebel | Trinicom

... etc ...

Marcadores Predictivos software

predictive dialerMarcadores Predictivos Solution

Hosted predictive dialer - Voip predictive dialer - Web Based predictive dialer
The development of the Marcadores Predictivos goals the best performance for telesale, teleprospection, debt collection and telemarketing campaigns. The Marcadores Predictivos Hermes Eagle integrates a call recorder, a scripting tool, a native CTI and an IVR. Multi Channel, the Marcadores Predictivos Hermes Eagle supports video calls.
The Marcadores Predictivos manages time zones and quotas, integrates a "Do not call list", a powerful outbound campaigns and call blending management, in its Contact Center software version. The Marcadores Predictivos detects answering machines and leaves automatic messages on voice mails. It manages outbound calls recording, and pre recorded end of call message playing. A performant quotas management module is aslo included... The Marcadores Predictivos Voip Eagle offers a range of tools for automatic call files recycling, automatic SMS, fax, emails sending ... These functionalities complete the efficiency of the Marcadores Predictivos Eagle. The real time supervision of your call files and calls, thedistant listen of outbound calls set in the Marcadores Predictivos will be an invaluable asset. predictive dialer Hermes Eagle offers multiple connectors to standard applications and CRM, and an open architecture (Web Services, socket IP..).
Based on an expertise of more than 10 years, the predictive dialer Hermes Eagle are the essential component of Contact Centers managing outbound campaigns for telesales, telemarketing,
Marcadores Predictivos, collections and client retention programs. predictive dialer will allow you, for each campaign to set one of the 5 dialing modes that are at your disposal, matching with your objective. The Marcadores Predictivos manages every campaign is independently from the others, and you can thus define every criteria to adapt it to your target. Speed of the diling, number of rings, Number of call attempts, associated script, opening hours, call schedule depending of time zone or segments, … All criterias are completely customizable, and real-time modifiable.
The Marcadores Predictivos Hermes Eagle runs on IP platforms as Host Media Processing from Dialogic, Asterisk et Avaya, see Marcadores Predictivos Avaya.

Preview Mode :
he clients information is presented to the TSR and he can then decide when to process the call. This mode allows the TSR to prepare himself prior to the call.

Search Mode :
Primarily used to manage clients portfolios, this mode lets you use specific search criteria’s to find applicable information prior to placing the call.

Progressive Mode :
Used for business to business campaigns, the predictive dialer Hermes Eagle engine automatically dials the calls one at a time and sends them to the TSR’s as soon as the call is connected. The engine sends productive calls to the TSR’s and filters absent, busy and wrong numbers.

Marcadores Predictivos
Outbound Campaign management - Main Menu

Predictive Mode (predictive dialer):
The predictive dialer Hermes Eagle engine will control the dialing using a calculated algorithm taking into consideration: response time, average communication time and the state of the TSR’s. The Marcadores Predictivos software will only send productive calls to the TSR’s drastically increasing their hourly talk time whatever the hour of production. Contrary to other industry predictive dialer softwares there is no minimum number of TSR’s or minimum number of leads that are required in your call list for this dialing mode to operate efficiently and produce results. the predictive dialer are particulary valued for B2B prospection telemarketing, telesales, appointment taking or collections campaigns.

Broadcast Mode:
predictive dialer allows you to automatically contact your clients or prospects by broadcasting a pre recorded message or an SMS, can be used for promotional offers, invitations or important information alerts. The Marcadores Predictivos can also play an interactive voice response (IVR), enabling you to pre qualify your contact prior to sending the call to the TSR’s. The Marcadores Predictivos Eagle gives you the opportunity to qualify, inform and prospect at the cost of simple telephone call.
predictive dialer, linked to SMS support, is nowadays used for debt collection, with hight rates of recovered debts.

Send SMS
In order to automatically give an information to your customers, for example on unreachables, you can define the sending of a SMS of which you define the text, but also the number which you present.

Answering Machine Detection
Hermes Eagle predictive dialer can detect answering machines. But also, the Marcadores Predictivos software detects 100% of mobile voice messaging systems. Hermes Eagle predictive dialer allows you to automatically leave messages when an answering machine is detected. Also the Hermes Eagle predictive dialer optimize your telecom costs by scheduling answering machines callbacks on the most productive time slots.

Manual calls allow from 15 to 20 minutes talk time per hour only, versus 45 to 50 minutes per heure with predictive dialing. Thanks to the Marcadores Predictivos Hermes Eagle, you double your productivity. whatever the dialing mode, progressive or predictive dialing, predictive dialer Hermes Eagle automatically manage the dialing on call lists you easaly load for each campaigns, thanks to the files management ergonomic interface. Each record is checked, to guarantee a quality call list to assign to your outbound campaignss, duplicated and invalid numbers removed. Your TSR's don't dial anymore, and can focus on calls that improve their performance.

dialer technology
Marcadores Predictivos Software configuration

Optimization of the treatment of your files

predictive dialer
Marcadores Predictivos - Gestion des bases de données

Call back and personal call backs
The TSR’s can set a date and time for a call back, for themselves or for a group call back (Personal call back is assigned to an individual agents or a call back that is assigned to an entire group of TSR’s).

> Call back rules management: Hermes Eagle allows you to manage personal call backs and call backs in automatic or customizable mode. By contact type, call back rules can be set to absent, busy, answering machines and abandon calls. Hermes Eagle predictive dialer will dial the numbers in your call list based on criteria’s that can be set on a per individual campaign basis. You master so perfectly the exploitation of your files by calling back every target the most relevant time slots.

Call scheduling
For each campaign you have the ability to define criteria's to your call list in order to manage and control your call scheduling: time zones, predefine filers, client types,... predictive dialer will respect these criterias and will dial records depending of the time slots defined. These call scheduling features allow you to drastically increase your contact rate.

Do Not Call List
In order to respect government Do Not Call list legislations or simply respect your prospects requests a data base can be defined and managed. Whatever the choosen dialing mode, preview or predictive dialing, the predictive dialer Hermes Eagle will check every phone number in this reference database, and will only dial authorized records. All queries are so optimized that hts use of Do Not Call List has no impact on your results.

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